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                          Increase your productivity with Scaley

                          Everyday clinical practice is taxing enough, quickly find the right rating scale for common and uncommon psychiatric conditions.

                          Don't frett, Scaley is not just for scales, it also includes screeners, questionnaires, charts, inventories, tests, algorithms, and more ;)

                          Scaley Adult version can be used for people older than 18 years.

                          Scaley Peadiatric version can be used for people younger than 18 years. It is intended for use on Children and Adolescents.

                          The author, Schalk Wiehan Van der Merwe, does not hold the rights to any of the scales used. Permission and instructions for their fair use can be found online from the resprective license/rights holders.

                          This service is free of use, and takes no responsibility in informing your psychiatric diagnosis or assessment.

                          Keep checking in. Scaley is still in active development - and we have big things planned.

                          Enjoy and use fairly.

                          This concept is copyrighted / © by Schalk Wiehan Van der Merwe. 2016.

                          Intelligent psychiatric rating scales for mental health care workers




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